Amsterdam Adventures

Would you believe me if I told you that in our entire 4 1/2 year relationship Marcus and I had never taken a vacation? Don’t get me wrong, we have been on many weekend trips and even extended trips for the holidays. However, those trips were (almost) always with friends, or to visit family. There are a couple weekend road trips I can think of that were just the two of us, but this trip to Amsterdam was the first time we packed up, hopped on a plane and had more than 2 nights away with just us. It was long overdue and we sure did enjoy every moment!

When we started getting serious about planning this trip Marcus told me that he had always wanted to stay in a hostel. I had to admit that I also was curious about it. When you think of staying in a hostel you think of meeting people from all over the world, sharing stories and experiences and becoming friends. At least that is what we thought of. The thing I don’t think we realized was that most of the travelers staying in hostels are a bit younger than we are (by about 5-10 years!), and they also have slightly different ideas of what to do when traveling. To get the full ‘hostel experience’ we booked a shared room, with 6 roommates. Yes, 8 strangers in a room full of bunkbeds. It almost sounds like an episode of MTV’s ‘The Real World’  right?! Since this was my first time booking a hostel I didn’t know to specify that we would like to share a bed. There was one bunk bed in our room that had double beds, rather than the typical twins. We did not get that bed. We each had a twin bunk, one of top of the other. This trip was the first (and last) time I will ever sleep in bunkbeds with my husband. The first couple nights we tried to sleep together. The two of us on the smallest twin mattress you have ever seen. It turned out to be a terrible plan and we finally sucked it up and slept apart. The bathroom situation was also interesting. There were 2 itsy-bitsy-teeny-tiny bathrooms on our floor, one of which only had a urinal and no toilet. In addition, there were two ‘shower rooms’ that were just barely large enough to stand in, hang your things on the door and be able to turn around. I must say the bathrooms and showers were impressively clean though. All in all it was an experience we won’t ever forget. The highlight of the hostel was the location. We were right next to Vondelpark and just a quick bike ride away from nearly everything!

Arriving to our hostel!

Arriving to our hostel!

Amsterdam 2015-4We touched down in Amsterdam at about 6:00pm on a Thursday evening. After finding our way to our hostel we decided to head out to explore the area a little. We were hungry and happened to stumble across FEBO! If you have been to Amsterdam, you know how amazing FEBO is. If you haven’t been, allow me to introduce you to the most delicious food you will ever get out of a ‘vending machine’. FEBO is a fast food joint. They have a counter where you can order food, but they also have this amazing wall filled with various burgers and our favorite, krokettes! We probably could have eaten just these for the rest of our trip and we would have been content.


Amsterdam 2015-3

The Stadsschouwburg in Leidseplein – (Municipal Theater)

While Spain is technically in Europe, Southern Spain doesn't have much of a 'European' feel. One of the things I was looking forward to seeing most in Amsterdam was the canals and they were nothing short of amazing. 

While Spain is technically in Europe, Southern Spain doesn’t have much of a ‘European’ feel. One of the things I was looking forward to seeing most in Amsterdam were the canals and they were nothing short of amazing.

We called it a bit of an early night because we had an early morning on Friday. I booked us a bike tour with Mike’s Bikes and we couldn’t have had a better time! The forecast called for rain all day, but we decided to go for it anyway. It was a quick walk over to the bike shop from our hostel.

Amsterdam 2015-5      Amsterdam 2015-7      Amsterdam 2015-8

 Once we reached the shop we had a quick info session and we were given our rain ponchos before we headed out to ride. There were about 15 people in our group and Marcus and I quickly realized that many people are not so great at riding bikes. We made our way to the front of the pack early and we sure were glad. We got to hear all the info that our awesome guide, Pete, had to offer. We rode up and over countless canals, through the Red Light District, near the Albert Cuyp Market in the Pijp neighborhood, through Jordaan, past the Anne Frank House, the Van Gough museum and the Rijksmuseum. And that doesn’t even cover it all! It was wonderful to cover so much ground and it really gave us a sense of where things were for the rest of our stay. It was literally pouring rain for the majority of our ride and we made a pit stop to a ‘brown cafe’. The brown cafes in Amsterdam are what a pub is in London. The name comes from the dark, but cozy, wood interiors. Some of the brown cafes date back to the 1600’s! We were happy to get out of the rain and we found a cozy corner to enjoy a few drinks.

Amsterdam 2015-12      Amsterdam 2015-11      Amsterdam 2015-15

Amsterdam 2015-13

Amsterdam 2015-14 Amsterdam 2015-16We are all about giving the local favorites a try. The traditional drink in a brown cafe is a beer and a shot of genever. You don’t shoot the shot though, you sip on it. It definitely wasn’t the tastiest drink, in my opinion, but it did warm me up and for that I sure was thankful!

From the brown cafe we made our way back to the bike shop. Pete, our tour guide, invited us to stay for a drink and we were happy to oblige. After all, it was still raining and we didn’t know exactly where we were headed next. We got to know a little more about Pete, his girlfriend Mike and Amsterdam. There was even a bike shop kitty that looks like my cat that I had to leave behind when we moved. I was happy to spend some time giving her some love. When we were headed out we were thankful to accept an umbrella from the ‘lost & found’. That umbrella kept us dry for the remainder of our trip!

Amsterdam 2015-9 Amsterdam 2015-18 Amsterdam 2015-17

After our day of riding in the rain we were ready for a bite to eat. We rode around until we found something that looked good and ended up at a great Irish bar & cafe. We had a delicious lunch and enjoyed some downtime.

Amsterdam 2015-20

We headed back out for some more exploring, and eventually some dinner. When we returned to our hostel after dinner we headed to the bar for a nightcap. We were quite surprised when everyone in the place, with the exception of the two of us, was dressed up for a 60’s costume party. I’m talking completely decked out! We had clearly missed the memo. To say we felt out of place was an understatement. We called it a night and headed up to our room to attempt to sleep.

Amsterdam 2015-21We started our Saturday morning off with a walk around town, with a final destination of The Lobby for breakfast. I did quite a bit of research before we took our trip and The Lobby was highly recommended. It surely did not disappoint!

Amsterdam 2015-22 Amsterdam 2015-23

As we continued on after breakfast, we stumbled upon a bike rental shop. We decided to grab a couple cruisers for the remainder of our trip. We rode around the Museum Quarter and wanted to visit the Van Gogh however, the wait was around 2.5 – 3 hours! There was a huge event going on for the unveiling of a new entrance to the museum, and it attracted quite a crowd. We aren’t exactly the type to stand around for hours so we decided to put the museum on our list of to-do’s for our next visit…when it isn’t peak tourist season!

Amsterdam 2015-29 Amsterdam 2015-28We did get to see some art in the making. This artist was painting a scene right outside the  museum. We had fun watching for a few minutes. I am still curious as to what the finished piece looks like.

Next we found our way to De Pijp, a trendy residential neighborhood in the south part of Amsterdam.  It is home to the Albert Cuypmarkt and we were so glad we took some time to check it out. It’s an open air market with a wide array of vendors selling everything from pottery, clothes, and flowers to delicious food. We browsed, we shopped, we ate. It was wonderful!

Amsterdam 2015-39

Marcus enjoying a famous pickled herring sandwich at Albert Cuypmarkt

Amsterdam 2015-38        Amsterdam 2015-37


Amsterdam 2015-34

Our next stop was Brouwerij’t IJ, Amsterdam’s leading organic brewery located in an old bathhouse at the foot of the De Gooyer windmill. The atmosphere was second to none, with a spacious outdoor patio featuring long community tables and market lights overhead. We enjoyed some delicious craft brews along with some tasty meats & cheeses.

Amsterdam 2015-40Amsterdam 2015-43 Amsterdam 2015-42Amsterdam 2015-41

We ended our evening checking out the views from the top floor of the Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (the Amsterdam Public Library), Europe’s largest public library.

Amsterdam 2015-46Amsterdam 2015-44 Amsterdam 2015-45Amsterdam 2015-47

Amsterdam 2015-51

Centraal Station, Amsterdam

Sunday was our last full day in Amsterdam and we wanted to take full advantage of our time. We heard about a few festivals going on in Noord, so we rode down to Centraal Station and hopped on a ferry, bikes and all. Our destination was NDSM, the docks across the Het IJ in Amsterdam-Noord (North Amsterdam).

Waiting for the ferry!

Waiting for the ferry!

One of the many things Noord is known for, is the art scene which includes street art. It didn’t take us long to find some seriously amazing stuff. My younger brother, Jeremy, is a very talented artist. Marcus and I both grew to really love and appreciate street art during the 2 years he lived with us.

Amsterdam 2015-56 Amsterdam 2015-61 Amsterdam 2015-60Amsterdam 2015-57Amsterdam 2015-59 Amsterdam 2015-67

Amsterdam 2015-62 Amsterdam 2015-68

Amsterdam 2015-63 Amsterdam 2015-65Amsterdam 2015-66

All of our morning explorations had us ready for a bite to eat. We found the most amazing cafe, Noorderlicht. The building resembled a greenhouse, and it was so cozy inside. The wood burning stove definitely added to the warmth and we found a snug little corner with a leather couch and a makeshift table that was actually a (really awesome) vintage trunk.

Amsterdam 2015-73 Amsterdam 2015-71

Amsterdam 2015-72We ordered the bruschetta lunch, which was 3 varieties of bruschetta and a pieperrada; a typical Basque dish prepared with onions, green peppers and tomatoes and flavored with red espelette pepper. This dish also had roasted artichokes, goat cheese and boiled eggs with a crostini on the side. I would take a trip back to Amsterdam for this meal alone! It was  so savory and delicious. I will definitely be attempting to recreate the pieperrada at home.

Amsterdam 2015-70 Amsterdam 2015-82 Amsterdam 2015-74

Right across from Nooderlicht was another area with some great street art. This wasn’t the last time we would see the work of Pipsqueak, a duo of artists who work together on pieces all over Amsterdam. Their style is so unique and unmistakeable. We became quick fans!

Amsterdam 2015-79  Amsterdam 2015-77

I wish I knew this kid so I could give him this photo.

I wish I knew who this kid was so I could give him this photo. He had some sweet moves!

Our next destination was a community park that was hosting a festival. On our way there we passed through an area with a handful of antique shops. If you know me personally, you know that I absolutely delight in browsing antiques. Obviously we had to make a pit stop! It was perfect timing as the rain started to come down heavy again. As we wandered through the warehouse sized shop, we wished we had our old Dodge 2500 long bed with us so that we could load it up with all of the treasures we were finding. Since we were on bicycles with only a backpack to carry items, I had to settle for a small consolation prize; a gravy boat. It may sound like a silly choice, but I’ve been needing one and now when I use it I will always think of our trip and that wonderful shop.

Amsterdam 2015-84Amsterdam 2015-85 Amsterdam 2015-89 Amsterdam 2015-88 Amsterdam 2015-87

Once we finished browsing, we continued on and finally made it to our destination. The park was abundant with lush, vibrant greenery. Being a California girl living in Southern Spain, I wasn’t used to the bountiful landscape. It was simply gorgeous, and an amazing backdrop for a fun festival. The festival was going full swing when we arrived and we jumped right in! There were 2 stages hosting musicians simultaneously, an area with a lovely selection of food vendors and some fantastic activities for kids. There were people of all ages dancing and enjoying the afternoon.

Amsterdam 2015-96

I was so impressed by the children’s activities. There were humongous paper boats for children to draw and paint on. There was an area set up with supervision where children could practice circus tricks, like walking on top of a large ball. All of the play structures were made out of wood. It was the first time I had seen a play area for children that was so organic, and it seemed to really encourage the children to use their imaginations.

Amsterdam 2015-93 Amsterdam 2015-97

There was even a booth set up where you could try different musical instruments!

There was even a booth set up where you could try different musical instruments!

Amsterdam 2015-100


Amsterdam 2015-92We have always loved live music and we were happy to find some on this trip. The first set that we heard was  a group of guys who spoke English and Dutch, and sang in Spanish! They had an awesome salsa/jazz vibe to them. You know we were getting down on the dance floor! It was a ton of fun. The second set we heard was a group of guys with a jazz/folk/spoken poetry kind of feel. Their lyrics were bold and current and really carried a message. We got to chat with them a bit when they were finished with their set, and we learned that the lead singer is from Colorado!

Amsterdam 2015-98

If you were wondering if there was some more street art at the park…there was! There were a few pieces by Pipsqueak. The one on the right takes the cake for my favorite piece of the day!

Amsterdam 2015-99 Amsterdam 2015-101

As the rain started to come down again we made our way back to the ferry to head home. It was unanimous that this was our favorite part of our entire trip. We loved the vibe in Noord. There was just something about the people and the area that made you want to come back and spend more time. We definitely plan to! We had a nice dinner in Leidseplein and called it a night.

We had an early morning on Monday so that we could squeeze in a few more things before we had to fly home. Since the Van Gogh museum was still overcrowded, we opted for a trip to the Rijksmuseum. We literally walked right in, no lines at all!

Amsterdam 2015-119

Amsterdam 2015-102

The museum was ginormous! We could have spent days perusing the exhibitions. We had to narrow down our focus and choose which areas we really wanted to see. I had taken an Art History class years ago in college. I never thought that class would have much relevance until we visited the Rijksmuseum. I remember class discussions about some of the pieces that were housed in the Rijksmuseum, most notably the ‘Milkmaid’ by Johannes Vermeer. It was fascinating to see it in person.

Amsterdam 2015-103 Amsterdam 2015-113 Amsterdam 2015-107

Amsterdam 2015-110

The museum library was one of my favorite features.

Amsterdam 2015-115 Amsterdam 2015-114

Amsterdam 2015-116

This vintage FK23 Bantam from World War 1 was one of Marcus’ favorite exhibits.

Amsterdam 2015-117

A trip to the Museum Quarter isn’t complete until you have a photo with the IAmsterdam sign.

Amsterdam 2015-121 Amsterdam 2015-120

Our time in Amsterdam was coming to an end. After the museum we had to return our rental bicycles and retrieve our luggage from the hostel. We had just enough time for a quick bite to eat before we made our way to the airport. We stopped in at Hoopman’s Green Bar in Leidseplein. We had a couple pints, a panini and Oma Bob’s bitterballen. Our lives were changed forever. Bitterballen is the single best food I have ever had! It is basically angus beef gravy, breaded and fried. Very similar to the krokettes at FEBO, but even better. Thankfully we don’t live in Amsterdam because I would eaten bitterballen every day. Seriously. It is that delicious. As we were enjoying our meal there was an incredible street performer jamming out on a guitar with some topnotch vocals to go along with some hardcore strumming. This guy was amazing! We got to chat with him a bit and learned that his parents are Greek, but he grew up in England. He spent many years in Barcelona and now he spends his summers in Amsterdam and his winters off the coast of Africa. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Amsterdam 2015-126 Amsterdam 2015-125

you are beautiful

you are beautiful

And just like that, we were serenaded out of Amsterdam! Until next time…

Love Life Travel

A Taste Of Germany!

Marcus and I were lucky enough to turn a work trip to Germany back in March into a quick getaway for the two of us. We spent a few days in Landstuhl, took a day trip to Heidelberg and spent our last day and night there in Frankfurt. It was my first trip out of Spain since we moved, and it was so nice to get a different taste of Europe.

Marcus had spent time in the Landstuhl area before, and he knew of these beautiful woods he wanted to take me to. His real motive for taking me there was so that he could drive our (badass BMW 640) rental car off-road, and I just wanted to take photos. I hope to find clients in the area some day because it was so gorgeous, I’d love to go shoot there again.

IMG_6899     IMG_6921     IMG_6937     IMG_6929

Huge windmills on the drive to Heidelberg

Huge windmills on the drive to Heidelberg


IMG_6985 IMG_7007

Our day to Heidelberg wasn’t planned, and we were just kind of going with the flow. I love days like that. No agenda. No plans. Stopping when we want to stop, and exploring when we want to explore. Our first stop in Heidelberg was the famous ruins of the Heidelberg Castle. We walked around the grounds and admired the gorgeous views overlooking the old downtown area of Heidelberg. IMG_6990

IMG_6975      IMG_6965      IMG_7049      IMG_7053


IMG_7004 IMG_7057



IMG_7082 IMG_7081After touring the castle we headed into town to walk around and find something to eat. We just happened to stumble upon the most delicious little macaron shop, and if you know me, you know I had to stop for some tasty treats! There was every single flavor combination you can imagine. The hardest part of my day was choosing only 6.

IMG_7064           IMG_7071


We continued our Heidelberg tour by wandering around the streets. We got lost, wandered some more, and found our way. I’d get lost anywhere with my husband, and I’d follow him to the ends of the earth.



IMG_7088The sunset on the drive back from Heidelberg was amazing. This shot was out the car window while Marcus was driving. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day. The next morning we got up early to head into Frankfurt for our last day in Germany. We got to Frankfurt and had some time to kill before we could check into our hotel. We headed to the old town square, the Romerberg, where we enjoyed some German beer.

IMG_7134 IMG_7127Despite the cold, we decided to sit outside so that we could enjoy the square and all that was going on. Lucky for us the cafe had cozy blankets at each seat to help keep us warm. We had fun people watching, and even saw a wedding party! As we finished off our beers we made a plan for the rest of our day. We set out to see St. Pauls Church, Main Tower, the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew and the Old Opera House.


The Old Opera House

The Cathedral of St. Bartholomew

The Cathedral of St. Bartholomew


View from Main Tower

View from Main Tower

The Fountain of Justice at the Römerberg

The Fountain of Justice at the Römerberg

After we were done seeing the sights it was time to check into our hotel, Roomers. As soon as we walked into the place, we were wishing we could have stayed longer than one night. We were greeted at the desk with champagne, the staff was so kind and pleasant, our room was amazing, and the all around atmosphere of the hotel was something we hadn’t ever experienced before. If you are in Frankfurt…book a room at Roomers! When we went to the bar and they didn’t have everything they needed to make us the drink we wanted, they sent someone to the store to get it. The service was all-around impeccable. We finished off our night by checking out a few bars, including a true speakeasy! It was an amazing night, and it made for a difficult 8am departure the following morning for me. Marcus had a flight a few hours after me (lucky for him!) so I was on my own for the flight home. Frankfurt, we will be back!

How is it already JULY?!

Wow….time sure has been flying by! I can hardly believe the first half of 2015 has come and gone. I had the best of intentions with this blog and keeping everyone updated with our adventures, but it seems as though I have fallen a bit short. This post is the beginning of my attempt to get ‘caught up’ with what we have been up to, and then to keep this blog more current! We have been quite busy these past 4-5 months. We have hosted numerous guests, traveled to new places, and added a new (4 legged) member to our family. Here is a quick recap of the end of February – March.

IMG_4468In February we ended our road trip with my sister with a drive through Marbella on our way to Ronda. We arrived in Marbella at the perfect time for a sunset dinner on the Mediterranean. To say it was gorgeous would be selling it short!  Ronda was nothing short of amazing as well. If you are planning a trip to Ronda, I highly suggest this Airbnb. It is in the old town, literally steps away from the bridge. Pedro, the owner, met us to let us in and show us around. We were running late and he was more than happy to accommodate us.

Before my sister had to head home, we spent a day together in Sevilla, just us girls. We had so much fun touring around the city! Here are a few of my favorite photos from that day.

IMG_4717         IMG_4602         IMG_4727



sevilla bull ring pano

We ended February with a trip to Zoo de Castellar. This zoo started as a rescue for animals that were being mistreated and sold on the black market. It has been open since 2002 and allows visitors the opportunity to get up close with the animals. Being the animal lover that I am, I was like a kid in a candy store. We were able to hold and/or pet a baby white tiger, a lemur, an owl and many others.


The baby tiger had the softest pads on his feet. As you can tell in the photos, I really got a kick out of being able to pet this little one. The broom in the photo was to distract the tiger because he was really playful!

IMG_6449                            IMG_6533           IMG_6506

IMG_6553                            IMG_6586           IMG_6604


March was by far one of my favorite months here in Spain, and we sure did squeeze a LOT into it. Nearly every weekend was filled with BBQ’s, beach trips or vacations. Some of the most beautiful sunsets I have witnessed were in March. We made a trip to Morocco and also to Germany. We said goodbye to a great friend. The weather was amazing and the experiences are ones that I will remember forever! Here are some of my favorite photos from our weekends in Chipiona.

IMG_6671             IMG_7327             IMG_9537


IMG_6736 IMG_6701


IMG_7526             IMG_7692             IMG_7546


IMG_7401 IMG_7331




I will share our Germany & Morocco trips with you all later this week. I have far too many amazing things to share to add them in here. I hope the first half of the year is treating you all as wonderful as it is treating us!


La Alhambra

During my sister’s visit in February we took a road trip to Granada. On our second day there we toured La Alhambra. La Alhambra is absolutely breathtaking. The castle, gardens and Alcazaba date back to the 9th century! We did a self-guided tour and packed in as much as we could in the few hours we had to spend there. If you’re ever in Southern Spain I definitely suggest a trip to Granada and La Alhambra. Below you’ll see some of my favorite photos of the day. The detail in the castle are simply stunning. I was in awe!

IMG_4277          IMG_4270 IMG_4276


IMG_4318 IMG_4306




IMG_4373          IMG_4342 IMG_4339



IMG_4284          IMG_4411 IMG_4395


IMG_4416 IMG_4435

IMG_4438          IMG_4424 IMG_4436


Six Unbelievably Wonderful & Amazing Months of Marriage

“But love, I’ve come to understand, is more than three words mumbled before bedtime. Love is sustained by action, a pattern of devotion in the things we do for each other every day.” -Nicholas Sparks

This may sound cliche…ok, this absolutely sounds cliche…but I guess time flies when you’re having fun! Today marks 6 months since Marcus and I tied the knot, and it has been – hands down – the best 6 months of our life together. During our engagement we both heard on many occasions, and from various different people, that marriage changes things. Marcus and I talked about what we possibly thought could change given that we had already been living together for 3+ years, and neither of us could come up with much. I believe we felt we were already in the groove of being together, living together, loving each other, and that marriage would simply change my name and we’d finally have the coveted title of Mr. and Mrs., Husband and Wife.

During our engagement I was so excited to become his wife, but I didn’t really know what to expect. You often hear that the first year of marriage is the hardest, and that being married is a lot of work. None of this worried me because I know that we both love each other and that we will stand by each others’ side through anything life throws our way. I’d have to say that I really feel we are lucky in love because marriage has been nothing short of a dream come true. Honestly.

That’s not to say that things stayed the same. You may be wondering if anything changed… Yes! A lot changed, and I must say it was pleasantly surprising. I will speak for myself here, but I know my husband shares my feelings on many of the things I’m about to say.

I have a new sense of confidence in our relationship. This is not to say that I did not have confidence in our relationship before. However, now that we are married I have a new feeling of assurance that we will get through anything and everything, together. This confidence is the best feeling in the world.

-I no longer get bothered by the ‘little things’. Everyone has little things they do, and sometimes after living with someone for awhile little things can start to irritate you. I have noticed that the little things my husband does are no longer bothersome to me. Some of this comes from the fact that I am looking at things differently. I make the choice to not let silly little things bother me, because what good does that do for anyone? And part of this comes from knowing that these little things are just that, little things, and it’s better to learn to live with them and embrace (and maybe even love and find joy in…) them rather than nagging and letting these things turn into something bigger.

-I am my husband’s wife. This is a bit of an obvious one, but these words have so much meaning. Husband.  Wife. I did not realize how much I would enjoy saying these words, out loud, to anyone (and everyone), whenever possible. These words have a way of making me feel so very wonderful. I love being my husband’s wife.

-We are playing new roles in our relationship. When we were dating I think that we were both a little more selfish, which isn’t a bad thing! However, now that we are married we have both stepped up to our new roles. I know that we both value these new roles and take them seriously. On a daily basis I think about the wife my husband deserves, and I strive to be that person.

-We have the conversations you think about having with your husband or wife. We always had (pretty) good communication in our relationship, but now we are on a whole new level. We open up our communication to very deep conversations about the past, where we have come from, and the wounds that we may carry. We also open up our communication to our future, where we want to be, and how we are going to get there. Some of the conversations we have had in the past 6 months have been the most important conversations I’ve had in my life. I am so thankful to be sharing these conversations, feelings and thoughts with my husband.

Some of the daily things I focus on in our marriage are:

-Taking pride in our marriage, and in being my husband’s wife. 

-Having the utmost respect for my husband, and our marriage.

-Being filled with joy everyday that my husband has chosen to spend his life with me.

These simple, daily thoughts have aided in ensuring that our newlywed life together has been everything (and more) than we could have dreamt of. I am confident that the months and years to come will follow suit and be just as amazing, and even more so, than our first six months!

Cheers to love, life, and happily ever after LP7A8619