Home Sweet Home . . . for now!

IMG_3465Hi everyone. I just wanted to do a quick post to share with you where we are staying right now in our ‘temporary housing’. We were so happy to get to stay off-base and we were set up with a great place called La Espadana. There is a great restaurant on-site called Los Olivos. We have enjoyed quite a few great meals there, and even more beer and great conversation with the bartender, Abraham. It’s really convenient too because we get daily breakfast at the restaurant. It is a typical Spanish breakfast of cured meats, cheeses, bread and various pastries. IMG_3468We love the cafe con leche here, although since the cup sizes are much smaller than what we are used to we usually have 2 or 3! All of the staff here has been so accommodating and helpful. The only negative thing I can say about La Espadana is the sleeping arrangements are not our favorite. Here in Spain (and much of Europe from what I’ve been told) they put 2 twin beds in a room rather than a double or a queen. Marcus and I tried sleeping that way but it wasn’t working out for us to be sleeping apart from each other. We have opted for sleeping on our pull out couch for now…and if you’ve ever slept on one of those you know how uncomfortable they tend to be! With that being the only downside, it is far outweighed by the great things we have here at La Espadana. IMG_3461My favorite thing is that we are right across the street from the beach! We walk out the front of the lobby and there is a great park with tons of wooden walking trails, gorgeous trees and some great workout stations. Joey and Lola have become pretty accustomed to their daily romps on the beach and they absolutely love it. I was never a huge beach lover, I have always preferred the mountains. Now that we are here in Southern Spain I am falling more in love with the beach every. single . day ! It is all still setting in that we get to live here for the new few years and enjoy all that Spain and Europe have to offer. Every day is really a new adventure for us and it has been nothing short of amazing so far. Marcus was given a little bit of time to settle in before starting to work full time so we have gotten to spend a lot of our time together in our first weeks here. Next week he will start working a full time schedule though, and I sure will miss him! IMG_3388IMG_3417IMG_3454IMG_3404IMG_3420

Christmas in Spain


feliz navidad

Merry Christmas from Marcus and I! It was very strange being here, away from all of our family and friends, for Christmas. On Christmas Eve we were caught a little off guard with restaurants being closed. We were not prepared to make ourselves a meal as we are in temporary housing right now. We don’t have any of our cooking supplies and we have a very small kitchen area. We ended up eating hot pockets and lounging around with Joey & Lola watching TV. It was actually nice and relaxing. I love moments like that, where you don’t need anything other than each other. On Christmas morning we went for a walk on the beach with the girls like we have been doing every morning here. It was a gorgeous day; sunshine, blue skies and sand…it doesn’t get much better than that! We walked around town for awhile and had some drinks and a bite to eat at Ruta 66 (route 66) one of our go-to spots. After that we got to enjoy dinner with a family we have known for years before going to spend the night celebrating the holiday with friends. We are hoping to spend next Christmas back home with our family and friends. It definitely wasn’t the same this year but we made the most of it!