A Taste Of Germany!

Marcus and I were lucky enough to turn a work trip to Germany back in March into a quick getaway for the two of us. We spent a few days in Landstuhl, took a day trip to Heidelberg and spent our last day and night there in Frankfurt. It was my first trip out of Spain since we moved, and it was so nice to get a different taste of Europe.

Marcus had spent time in the Landstuhl area before, and he knew of these beautiful woods he wanted to take me to. His real motive for taking me there was so that he could drive our (badass BMW 640) rental car off-road, and I just wanted to take photos. I hope to find clients in the area some day because it was so gorgeous, I’d love to go shoot there again.

IMG_6899     IMG_6921     IMG_6937     IMG_6929

Huge windmills on the drive to Heidelberg

Huge windmills on the drive to Heidelberg


IMG_6985 IMG_7007

Our day to Heidelberg wasn’t planned, and we were just kind of going with the flow. I love days like that. No agenda. No plans. Stopping when we want to stop, and exploring when we want to explore. Our first stop in Heidelberg was the famous ruins of the Heidelberg Castle. We walked around the grounds and admired the gorgeous views overlooking the old downtown area of Heidelberg. IMG_6990

IMG_6975      IMG_6965      IMG_7049      IMG_7053


IMG_7004 IMG_7057



IMG_7082 IMG_7081After touring the castle we headed into town to walk around and find something to eat. We just happened to stumble upon the most delicious little macaron shop, and if you know me, you know I had to stop for some tasty treats! There was every single flavor combination you can imagine. The hardest part of my day was choosing only 6.

IMG_7064           IMG_7071


We continued our Heidelberg tour by wandering around the streets. We got lost, wandered some more, and found our way. I’d get lost anywhere with my husband, and I’d follow him to the ends of the earth.



IMG_7088The sunset on the drive back from Heidelberg was amazing. This shot was out the car window while Marcus was driving. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day. The next morning we got up early to head into Frankfurt for our last day in Germany. We got to Frankfurt and had some time to kill before we could check into our hotel. We headed to the old town square, the Romerberg, where we enjoyed some German beer.

IMG_7134 IMG_7127Despite the cold, we decided to sit outside so that we could enjoy the square and all that was going on. Lucky for us the cafe had cozy blankets at each seat to help keep us warm. We had fun people watching, and even saw a wedding party! As we finished off our beers we made a plan for the rest of our day. We set out to see St. Pauls Church, Main Tower, the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew and the Old Opera House.


The Old Opera House

The Cathedral of St. Bartholomew

The Cathedral of St. Bartholomew


View from Main Tower

View from Main Tower

The Fountain of Justice at the Römerberg

The Fountain of Justice at the Römerberg

After we were done seeing the sights it was time to check into our hotel, Roomers. As soon as we walked into the place, we were wishing we could have stayed longer than one night. We were greeted at the desk with champagne, the staff was so kind and pleasant, our room was amazing, and the all around atmosphere of the hotel was something we hadn’t ever experienced before. If you are in Frankfurt…book a room at Roomers! When we went to the bar and they didn’t have everything they needed to make us the drink we wanted, they sent someone to the store to get it. The service was all-around impeccable. We finished off our night by checking out a few bars, including a true speakeasy! It was an amazing night, and it made for a difficult 8am departure the following morning for me. Marcus had a flight a few hours after me (lucky for him!) so I was on my own for the flight home. Frankfurt, we will be back!


  1. Tammy says

    The Landstuhl woods look so serene, and lovely capture of Heidelberg. I really like the macaron shop picture, makes my mouth water along with a feeling that makes me imagine being there. The shot of Marcus’ back with the lens flare really has a mood of being lost and wandering.
    Your pictures are wonderful, Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, Opera house, view from Main Tower… thanks again for sharing your adventure!

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