Christmas in Spain


feliz navidad

Merry Christmas from Marcus and I! It was very strange being here, away from all of our family and friends, for Christmas. On Christmas Eve we were caught a little off guard with restaurants being closed. We were not prepared to make ourselves a meal as we are in temporary housing right now. We don’t have any of our cooking supplies and we have a very small kitchen area. We ended up eating hot pockets and lounging around with Joey & Lola watching TV. It was actually nice and relaxing. I love moments like that, where you don’t need anything other than each other. On Christmas morning we went for a walk on the beach with the girls like we have been doing every morning here. It was a gorgeous day; sunshine, blue skies and sand…it doesn’t get much better than that! We walked around town for awhile and had some drinks and a bite to eat at Ruta 66 (route 66) one of our go-to spots. After that we got to enjoy dinner with a family we have known for years before going to spend the night celebrating the holiday with friends. We are hoping to spend next Christmas back home with our family and friends. It definitely wasn’t the same this year but we made the most of it!