The wonderful Carnival! (¡El maravilloso Carnaval !)

I know it has been quite some time since I have posted. Marcus and I have had a lot going on! We have settled into our new home and we have been busy immersing ourselves in our new Spanish lifestyle. We have been blessed to meet some wonderful friends; friends we know we will have for life. The Blonski family (Steve and Keri and their 3 kiddos Aydin, Morgan and Liam and their dog Echo) has been so kind to introduce us to some awesome local friends of theirs and we have been enjoying spending time getting to know them.

The past weekend was definitely one I won’t ever forget…our first Carnival celebration! Carnival actually goes on for a couple weeks and last weekend was the finale. It is quite the sight to see here in Chipiona! The weekend kicked off on Thursday with all of the local schools dressing up and parading through town. Each school had a different theme and each class dressed up differently. The school that Aydin, Morgan and Liam attend had a theme of ‘Under the Sea’ (‘Bajo el Mar’). It was so much fun to see all of the kids dressed up. There is some serious work that goes into these costumes, they are all hand made by the parents!

IMG_5155      IMG_5332      IMG_5345

After parading through town we ended up at a square where all the kids hung out and squirted each other with silly string and foam! They had a blast and it was fun to be a part of it. The walk home was fun and I of course took the opportunity to take some photos of some of my favorite kids.

IMG_5380 copy IMG_5405

Friday night was the night that we went out into town to celebrate with our friends. Going out to party in Spain is much different than in the US! The party gets started much later and usually goes until the sun comes up, or even later! We stayed out pretty late and we were amazed that there were still people going full speed when we called it a night around 7am. After laying low on Saturday and enjoying the beach, we geared up for the parade on Sunday. We met for a BBQ first at a friends’ house that lives near the parade route. After we had some delicious food we walked to one of our favorite restaurants to watch the parade. It was the most amazing parade I have ever seen! The costumes had so much detail, and the performances were so impressive. The thing I love most about Carnival is the DRUMS!!! We have been hearing them for weeks with people around town practicing, but Friday night and on Sunday at the parade there was a constant beat of drums. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite photos from the parade and get a feel for what it was like!

IMG_5553 IMG_5455 IMG_5580

IMG_5679 IMG_5662 IMG_5683


IMG_5719 IMG_5749 IMG_5690

IMG_5768 IMG_5807 IMG_5774

IMG_5752 copy

IMG_5894 IMG_5889 IMG_5915

IMG_5883 IMG_5876

And I also (of course) snapped some photos of our friends and their adorable kids. How could I not? Seriously, look at these faces!

IMG_5582 IMG_5587 IMG_5588

IMG_5565 IMG_5426 IMG_5659

Few things put a smile on my face quicker than seeing a father with his daughter. There is just something so sweet about the relationship with a girls’ first love, her dad, and I admire it. Some of that admiration, I’m sure, comes from not having my father as a part of my life during my childhood. Here are a couple shots that I think speak volumes for the relationships between these awesome dads and their adoring daughters.

IMG_5836 IMG_5464 IMG_5831


Once the parade was over, everyone was ready to call it a night! It was definitely a weekend to remember. Thank you to everyone who was apart of it!

IMG_5961 IMG_5957 IMG_5966

Here is a video of Carnaval so you can see it in action. I can not take credit for this awesome video.


  1. Leticia South says

    I love Carnival!!! Especially in Chipiona its my favorite city, and the Blonski’s are my favorite people there. Ashleigh use to go to school with Liam, actually the same class. I miss Chipiona. These pictures are amazing, also I love the pictures of Steve and Morgan. My daughter doesn’t have a dad, but her grandpa fills the role, when he is around.

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